About Us

Aerospace Connector is a high tech company specializing in customised and specific connectors for the military, aviation, communication signal, telecommunications, mine industry.

We have an extensive range of products built to excel and endure in extreme environmental conditions. Our products are designed and manufactured by an experienced team of experts that are built to last. Our main products include military battery connectors, circular connectors Y2, Y3, Y4, YP, LYP, LYPN, TY, LTY, Y11, Y17, Y50X, Y50DX, Y50EX, XC, XCE, XCD, Y27, rectangular connectors (J7, J14, J18 and J30J) Lemo Series, Filter Series, LDB flame proof bolt connector for mine use, running gear, glass sintering series and electrical connectors.

The various types of connectors include circular connector, electrical connector, aviation connector, water proof connector, medical connector, military connector, DIN connector, marine connector, plugs and pins. Our connectors meet US Army Standards MIL-C-26482G and MIL38999.

Aerospace Connector is committed to provide good service, high quality products at competitive prices.

Customised Connectors/Solutions

Here at Aerospace Connector, we are continuously developing and improving our facilities to meet the needs of the military and various OEM electrical and electronics manufacturers. We can develop and provide customised solutions for all kinds of specialised electrical connectors.

Customised requirements will be entirely manufactured in-house, prototyping by our innovative team of design consultants and experts. Our experienced enginner will then manage all aspects of manufacturing for your customised connector – tooling, machining, electroplating, auto assembly and packaging.