XC series Circular Electric Connector

XC series Circular Electric Connector
Product Code: Circular-2


* I-cards Quick Connection
* Surface-line jack spring
** With welding wire
* Equipped with a special cable Annex
* Equivalent series which policeman in the same model counterparts can plug Block matching.

Application areas

Widely used in aviation, aerospace, weapons, vessels,, etc. Military and telecommunications, computers, and various navigational equipment, Instrumentation and other devices.

Conditions of use environment

1. Mechanical properties :

Shell : high strength aluminum alloy electroless nickel
Insulation : thermosetting material
Contacts : gold-plated copper alloy
Mechanical life : 1000

2. Environmental performance :

Relative temperature :-55~+200℃
Relative Humidity :40℃,95%
Work height :30000m
Sin Vibration: Frequency10~2000Hz acceleration 490m/s2
Impact:acceleration 980 m/s2
CollisionAcceleration :980 m/s2
Connector also has a good defense, wet-spray, anti - fungus, anti-drenched, anti-dust properties.